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Thrillers, Supernatural Suspense, Paranormal Romance, Historical Fiction

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Currently living, working and writing in China. My first novel Meditations on Murder is currently available on Amazon as an ebook, paperback and is available FREE on KindleUnlimited.

The Castle of the Red-Haired Maidens is a novella that will be available FREE of charge via a subscription to my website. This is the backstory to Nye who appears as a ghost in Meditations on Murder. In that book she tells us she was horribly killed in 12th century Scotland. The novella tells that story.

My second novel The Twelfth Rune is about 50% done. Once again Charlie Simpson is pitted against supernatural and mystical forces. Set in Cornwall and using Cornish Myths and Legends Charlie has to rescue magical religious artefacts from the evil Modred and the Black Bucca.

Subscribe to my website to be the first to know when it is available. If you would like to be a Beta reader please email me.


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Meditations on Murder: A Charlie Simpson Novel - Book 1.
Meditations on Murder: A Charlie Simpson Novel - Book 1.

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